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"Dear Dr Carbonell,   I wanted to send you this because I think you will be happy to know that all our efforts made a difference.   We can't begin to tell you how happy and proud we are of [our son's] dedication and accomplishment.   When he transferred to another university the counselor put him on a graduation date of 2022.   We were determined to make up for lost time so D. took summer classes and full semesters of 5 and 6 classes putting him on a graduation date of 2019.   I also wanted to let you know that he will start law school this fall.   Again,  we want to thank you as you were an integral part of this journey.    All the best, the T. family."  

"My son's savior!!" G.R., Jr.

"Hi Marino! This is Meghan H., you ran into my Mom and Dad at the Opera last weekend. I just wanted to reach out and tell you that you may not have been able to reach me back when I was a know-it-all 18 year old, but eventually your influence planted a seed that helped to facilitate a freedom from active addiction. When I tell my story, I now mention how “my first substance abuse counselor in my first rehab at 18 basically told me exactly where I would end up if I didn’t stop, and at the time I thought he was full of shit…but EVERYTHING HE SAID CAME TRUE!” So you “told me so”, and you were right! It only took me about ten years of pain and misery to “get it”.

Anyway, your name comes up occasionally when Sarah B. and I reminisce about the past, she and I are still close friends. I have about 5 years clean today, and a new job working at The Council on Addiction Prevention and Education in NY. We are an non-profit OASAS State funded prevention agency and have recently received a demonstration grant to facilitate Recovery Coaching services for free to residents of our county. So now I’m out in the community talking to “know it alls” like myself, trying to help them along in their journey. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the movie “Anonymous People” but we work closely with “Friends Of Recovery” who helped put together the film. On Tuesday we were up in the Capital all day lobbying for more funding to help people get recovery services in New York where the heroin epidemic is killing so many young people.

I spent so many years praying I wouldn’t run into you at The Riviera Country club while I was home visiting, but now I am glad to be in touch and thank you for all that you have done and are doing. I spoke to a group of teenagers the other night at an Adolescent Outpatient facility and felt like it was 1999 all over again!

I would love to catch up with you one day, I come down a few times a year to see the family. Hope you’re new year is out to a great start... All The Best, Meghan"

Dear Marino,  

It is many years since we have been in contact; but, not a day goes by that we don't recognize the extraordinarily  positive impact  you had on our daughter's life at a difficult time for all of our family. We know you have many  success stories. Please add this one to the collection. Mindie N. has been an outstanding and dedicated reading teacher at a charter school in Nashville, Tennessee since February 2008. She has not touched any substance since she underwent your tutelage beginning December 2001.  She is an incredibly wonderfully dedicated teacher!  We are grateful to you, AND TO HER, every day!  Ann and Jack N.

"Marino--I am constantly aware that I cannot ever adequately thank you for the work you have done for my family... All best wishes." Susan S.

"Dear Dr. Carbonell, I celebrated my 4th Birthday Saturday.  Gave my first step series Feb/April this year. Who would have believed? A miracle.  Thank you for your help and support.  I think of you fondly and try to walk the walk. 24 hours is all I have, Love same with Gratitude. Hate being an Alcoholic, but love AA. The 12 steps showed me how to live, and my higher power guides me. Yours in Sobriety." Rick C.

"Marino--I want to thank you for helping me through a tough time in my life...I took a lot away from our conversations and learned a lot about myself.  With your help, I have been able to take it one day at a time. Thanks again for everything." Stephen M.

"Thanks for getting us on track." Lori D.

"I appreciate all that you have done for our family." Hector L.

"Dear Marino: Receive our deepest gratitude for your professionalism. When we first visited you, we did not have too much faith in the recovery of our son. Today our son is fully recovered and starting his neew life thanks to you." Ernesto & Miriam G.

Marino, I want to thank you for helping N. Adjusting to the social aspects of college won't be easy, at least he is better prepared. Penny B.

Estimado Marino, muchas gracias por todo lo que nos haz ayudado y guiado en este proceso y por todo lo que haz hecho por F. Sinceramente, Juliette M.

What's up Marino--just got a place...been clean for 8 a girl and doing great. I never got to thank you for helping me change my life man! Alfred M.

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